Bonnie Day is a sexy brunette with a slender physique and big captivating brown eyes.  Bonnie is the kind of girl who loves to be adventurous with bondage and discipline and she thrives when she's being instructed on how to be obedient. 

Bonnie didn't plan to enter the adult entertainment industry, she just kind of fell into it and discovered she could get her kicks being a submissive slut and so she made it her career! In many of her bondage scenes, Bonnie is tied up, humiliated and completely conquered by her Dom partners. 

Bonnie has had sticky tape wrapped around her face and hair, thick leather eye masks sealing out every inch of light from her vision while a ball gag is shoved into her mouth. During every scene of bondage, Bonnie is right in the thick of it taking everything they've got and she's always ready for more.

Her screams are loud and genuine as she is face-fucked, hammered hard from behind and in one scene she's bound by her wrists and ankles and forced to sit on a toilet awaiting further instructions. That is definitely one thing Bonnie does exceptionally well; follow orders and be obedient. She has learned through every moment of her bondage and discipline instructional scenes that she must always do as she is told no matter how twisted and contorted her body may become. Her pussy can take a serious pounding and while she chokes and gags on it, her throat can accommodate some long thick cock leaving throat-drool trails all over the shaft.

At Insex On Demand, Bonnie is put to the test as she is subjected to rope bondage, hardcore deep-throat blowjobs and intricately put-together shackles that can prove very inspiring to a BDSM fetish connoisseur.